In 1992 while in Milano having a great time with other young Italian artists, I made  snapshots of  a "quadrerie"  from the installation of a big group show organized at  Corrado Levi's studio in Corso San Gottardo.
From that document, I made a stamp which I used to design a  repetitive Cartesian  grid which I have been  working on  for many years, along with other projects.

Some notes about that period of the mid 80's in Milano are in the following publications:
Adachiara Zevi, Peripezie dell'Arte Italiana del Dopoguerra, Einaudi, Torino 2005.
Corrado Levi, Mes Amis Mes Amis, ed. Corraini, Mantova, 2007.
Corrado Levi, E' Andata Cosi', Monadori, Milano 2008.